About Single-Love-Relation

Author and coach Jens W Pedersen
Author and coach Jens W. Pedersen, born in Denmark 1969.

The way we practise love is changing rapidly these years. Previously, what everybody did was to get married and stay that way but now many of us get divorced or don’t marry at all. We often break up and consequently there is a lot of heartache and very many singles.

Because of the changing times there is also a lot of confusion and misconceptions about love. We still tend to primarily think about love in terms of romance and therefore if we are let down by romance we may easily come to feel that we were abandoned by love.

Here I present another perception of love that is not exclusively linked to romance but also to life as such, consciousness, personal growth and to all kinds of relationships, not just romantic ones. 

By doing so, I hope to contribute with a little more clarity and some helpful perspectives that may remedy our heartaches and make it easier for us to get through this transitional period.

My background is that I am the author of two books (in Danish) on dating, love, relationships and personal development. I am also a personal coach. Apart from that I have a masters degree in psychology and religious studies from The University of Copenhagen.

My ideas were influenced by numerous teachers of philosophy, psychology, religion and spirituality. I have a spiritual outlook on life which is very much inspired by the Danish author and mystic Martinus (1890-1981). You can learn more about my background and also get an introduction to Martinus’s view on love and relationships here.

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