DSC_5200_profilMy subjects here are dating, single life, love and self-development.

The way we practise love is changing rapidly these years. Previously, what everybody did was to get married and stay that way, but now so many couples are divorced. 2014 was a record-breaking year for that in Denmark. Now people tend to practice “serial monogamy”. Things are changing and due to that, there is a lot of confusion and misconceptions about love.

So this is why I like to present my ideas on dating, single life, love and self-development and discuss them with you in this place.

I am a Danish author and certified coach. I have a masters degree from The University of Copenhagen in psychology and religious studies.

Since I was very young I studied many different teachers of philosophy, psychology and religion and I got ideas from all of them. The Danish spiritual philosopher Martinus, though, is my one lasting inspiration and still after 25 years I am reading his books.

My Danish blog

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