What is Martinus Cosmology?

Martinus in 1955
Martinus (1890-1981) wrote The Third Testament on his typewriter. This photo is from around 1955.

Martinus Cosmology is a complete worldview presented by the Danish author Martinus (1890-1981). His vast and comprehensive work on spiritual science is also named The Third Testament. 

The main work alone, Livets Bog (The Book of Life), consists of several thousand pages and spans over a diverse range of topics. For instance it answers basic existential questions like: “Who am I?”, “What is life?”, “What is the universe?” and so forth. 

My writings on this blog, SingleLoveRelation, is not about Martinus per se but for more than thirty years I studied his work and he became my primary source of inspiration. Since his philosophy is not commonly known, I introduce it here so that you may get some idea about where I come from.

Born in the countryside in northern Jutland, Martinus had very little schooling and primarily worked as a dairyman. At the age of thirty, however, he had a profound spiritual experience that gave him what he later named “cosmic consciousness”. After that he was able to answer all spiritual questions intuitively and based on this new faculty alone he wrote his truly original work. 

Even though his insights were intuitive, Martinus was very keen on using logical arguments in the way he presented those insights to his readers. He did so in order to give us a chance to critically investigate them and to form our own independent opinions. In the next section I will present some of his main insights and arguments in a short form.

12 important points in Martinus Cosmology 

Some of Martinus’s main ideas and concepts are directly related to the issues that I am writing about on this blog, such as personal development, love and relationships, but the scope of his work extends far beyond that. In order to give you a short introduction, I have narrowed it down to just twelve important points.

Life is eternal

The “I” in every living being is formless and eternal. Since something cannot come from nothing, life as such was never created but has always been there. The manifest world of forms and contrasts on the other hand is temporal and ever changing. Therefore the body dies but the soul lives on.

Experience depend on contrasts

Since the I is formless we cannot experience it directly, we only sense the temporal world of contrasts. Life experience must be maintained and therefore it is shifting between those contrasts, for instance light and darkness. This is also why there has to be suffering but that’s no real “evil”, only an “unpleasant good”, and Martinus summarized his worldview by saying that: “Everything is very good”.

Spiral cycles

Shifting between contrasts, life evolves in cycles. Night and day as well as the seasons are familiar examples but there is also a much bigger “spiral cycle” that consists of six kingdoms. After passing the plant and animal kingdoms we move on to “the real human kingdom” and from there into entirely spiritual planes of existence. According to Martinus the animal kingdom is where darkness culminates. 

The root cause of war is gender

In the animal kingdom we are not whole but divided into two half-parts; male and female. To get a glimpse of heaven we must unite with an opposite sex partner. That causes competition, possessiveness and jealousy and turns into all kinds of strife and war. The division is, however, not a permanent one. Getting in touch with our inner opposite sex qualities, we begin to realize our full human potential.

Our mentality is mixed 

Terrestrial people are not “real humans” yet, because our mentality is a mixture of animal and human tendencies. Animals are utterly egoistic and governed by the principle “might is right”. An animal will therefore try to overcome its enemies in order to get its way. Real humans on the other hand are unselfish and righteous. Due to our mixed nature, at present we struggle with ourselves and have a hard time doing good.

Martinus in Klint, Denmark, 1944.
Martinus at his course center in Klint, Denmark, 1944. Photo: Sam Zinglersen.

Two kinds of love 

Our mixed mentality also reveals itself in two kinds of love; “marital” and “neighborly”. Marital love favors a single person. It is instinctive and predominant in the animal kingdom whereas neighborly love is humane and unconditional; as such it shines equally on all of us. We are now in the “zone of unhappy marriages” because we have become less suited to be husbands or wives and slowly neighborly love is taking over.

Karma, not punishment 

Whether we do good or bad, it returns, and in that way we become the masters of our own destiny or “karma”. When we understand that, we will no longer feel like victims, be resentful or carry grudges. Bad karma is not “punishment” for our sins or the makings of a wrathful God but it is learning lessons that we need in order to develop and grow. 

Reincarnation and development

After death and a resting period in spiritual worlds we reincarnate on Earth in order to develop further. We learn from our mistakes and since practice makes perfect, sooner or later we come to master our most desired skills. From suffering we learn compassion. In the end we become real humans who are experts in love. Supposedly humanity as a whole will pass on to the real human kingdom within 3000 years.

Tolerance and forgiveness is logical

The way we act depends on our development. We are not able to act on the basis of what we have not yet learned or experienced. To judge or condemn “primitive” behavior therefore resembles blaming the kids in first grade that they have not learned the lessons of higher school classes. That does not make any sense and therefore logically we must tolerate and forgive everyone.


Suffering causes a refined faculty of feeling that manifests itself as sympathy for other beings. Since this capacity is growing, in the future we will not have the heart to do harm, also not to animals, and we therefore become vegetarians. The vegetarian diet is also healthier. According to Martinus, our “need” for meat is a superstition, or a purely psychological need.

Caressing is the future sexuality

As we become more loving our sex life transforms. We leave behind sexual intercourse, aimed at reproduction, and finds sexual satisfaction in a broader range of caresses. Our skin becomes an organ of love. The full changes in this regard is, of course, far off into the future but we already see some tendencies in that direction; like people’s urge to hold hands and kiss.

Cosmic consciousness requires love 

Love is supposedly “the keynote of the universe” and therefore we must develop a loving mindset in order to connect with the universal mind, or holy spirit, and its absolute knowledge. There are no shortcuts but when, as a result of numerous incarnations on Earth, we have become all-loving, we acquire the same kind of intuitive knowledge Martinus had, the so-called cosmic consciousness.

Since love and relationships are some of my main issues here on SingleLoveRelation, I dedicated a blog post to explain in some further detail how my perspective on these topics was inspired by Martinus: Why are relationships so difficult?

For a better understanding of how to use Martinus Cosmology as a tool for working with yourself, read: Personal development: Here’s the road map

If you want to read Martinus’s books, some of them are available online on the Martinus Institute homepage.

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